Sales Performance

Deal Hacks make it easier to improve organisation wide sales performance.

Highlight the Blindspots

Sales leaders and sales people are particularly prone to a set of cognitive biases that create blind spots, reducing awareness of their performance capabilities and skills gaps. Deal Hacks reduce such blind spots and the cognitive biases that cause them by challenging performance in live deals.

Avoid Social Brain Thinking

Cognitive biases in the sales process cause corners to be cut. Value is squandered and deals are lost as a result. The Social Brain thinking that causes these short cuts is identified in Deal Hacks and overcome by an objective Deal Coach and colleagues who challenge the assumptions in the deal. A mutual close plan is created, a tactic which can increases closure rates by 40%.

Create a Growth Mindset

A persistent lack of effective coaching and poor sales enablement interventions can cause a fixed mindset culture where sales people unconsciously reject and avoid learning interventions. Based on live deals, and held in the workflow, Deal Hacks can reverse this trend and help build a growth mindset culture.

Keep Learning in the Workflow

Sales people want learning support inside the workflow when they hit real life problems. They do not want to be taken away from selling to solve abstract, make believe problems in the classroom. This is not a bad thing! Deal Hacks keep learning in the workflow where sales people want to learn, they learn best, and where the impact is direct, immediate and measurable.

Set up Deal Hacks

Deal Hacks are an additional tool for companies to achieve sales transformation. They can be deployed immediately and with any sales methodology. There's no learning needs analysis required. Starting a sales transformation with Deal Hacks gives invaluable and unbiased intelligence on sales performance, helping improve the quality and adoption of training and coaching initiatives.

Sales Results First

Start with sales results not skills gaps 

When trained and coached in the latest sales techniques, 90 percent of salespeople will not be able to change. This is because sales training interventions focus on sales skills and sales results follow if the learning is transferred into the field. Conversely, Deal Hacks focus on improving deals, not skills. This immediately moves the sales results needle, and from these successes momentum is created and sales performance is transformed.

Need to kickstart your sales enablement?

The Deal Hack book shows what Deal Hacks are, why they work, and how they can be implemented using a simple five-step process in complex business-to-business sales organizations.
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